Nov 5, 2007

check out fantastic hand made gloves by london based designer agent anonym..

Oct 31, 2007

retro car handbags
vintage US car-inspired handbags really caught my eye..revamp productions has lots of items that walk a fine line between glamour and kitsch..

le bellechasse
check out recently opened "parisian" hotel "le bellechasse" which is designed by legendary fashion designer christian lacroix..

helen amy murray
Helen Amy Maurray is talented designer from UK..internationally recognised for hand-crafted, sculptural creations inspired by nature and form, to create 3D surfaces within textiles..she works with precious materials such as leather, suede, silk and other luxury fabrics..

daily commuters
"Daily Commuters" is a necklace by Super Mandolini..the beads are black and silver glass and the commuters are etched acrylic..

surreal your home
"surrealien" is a wallpaper company that lets you warp the pattern of the paper over existing objects on the wall..

halloween clothes peg
when the Art.Lebedev Studio was faced with a Halloween problem, there was only one way to fly out of it..the mission: Do something before October 31st..the solution: the Vespertilium clothes peg, to remind your neighbours that your laundry is Hallowe’en-ready..

Aug 19, 2007

button plates
designed by dutch designer & eindhoven graduate kiki van eijk..inspired by a box of buttons she found belonging to her grandma..shown as part of the installation she did with her partner & designer Joos van Vleiswijk in Milan this year..will be produced by dutch company haans by the end of this year..

Aug 6, 2007


remember a time before digital cameras when the only instant gratification photography was the flapping of polaroid pictures..if anyone miss those days here is plusharoid..a giant SX-70 style polaroid camera chair..

hats & poems
paris hosts one more trés-chic hotel which is hotel particulier montmartre..the aristocratic-mansion-restored hotel has 5 suit rooms and they are all designed by renowned artists, photographers, poets, designers..seen pic is the "hats and poets" room which is created by olivier saillard - a 40 years old poet and artist who is in charge of the exhibitions at the fashion museum of paris..he hangs on every object and furniture a poem in a small envelope..just like the price tags you find in the shop..which means that the objects do not have any monetary value but do have an artistic value that can not be bought..check out the other rooms..

Jul 31, 2007

when Gorbachev meets LV

former world leader Mikhail Gorbachev is the unlikely new star of Louis Vuitton's autumn/winter 07-8 print campaign..images shot by Annie Leibovitz..

power pole for your home
explore danish design company ferm-living's unique wall stickers & wallpapers..

containership powersupply
artists Jess Giffin and Jim TerMeer have proven that those ugly power supplies could be part of art..

Jul 30, 2007

park planters
"drawing inspiration from the bonsai, park planters were created to elevate the common household plant to the status of full grown tree. The potted plant becomes the backdrop for an urban park scene. Ranging from dog walkers to flashers and muggers, no two scenes are alike ensuring the autonomy of each piece.."

Jul 26, 2007

top secrets of finland
top secrets of finland is an exhibition presented by finnish design duo "company" at the kiasma contemporary art museum in works in various fields of design with mixed subject and method in fashion, furniture, graphic design & environmental design ..check out its website for more cool stuff..

enjoy communist-style
meet ostel..a new budget hotel in berlin that celebrates communist retro chic..

Jul 25, 2007

here comes bookinist..chair meets bookshelf..on wheels..with a reading light..and a cup holder..and a secret compartment..

Jul 23, 2007

pic of the day

rehab style

top models including Agyness Deyn, Sasha Pivovarova, Tasha Tilberg,Denisa Dvorakova, Guinevere van Seenus, Irina Kulikova, Iselin Steiro, Lara Stone, Masha Tyelna and Missy Rayder do rehab for Vogue Italia by Steven Meisel..

Jul 21, 2007

black is black
helena hörstedt is an up and coming swedish designer whose designs are unique, stylish & impressive with a sense of elegant mystery..
“I think the genuine work and the handcrafted feeling gives an irreplaceable value to the garment. The trade of handcrafting is always one of the most important sources for both construction of and inspiration for my design. I want my garments to be a fascinating visual experience as much as a usable. I want them to build a desire, continuously expand and to surprise the beholder.”

Jul 19, 2007

simpsons do fashion with linda

"the simpsons go to paris, with linda evangelista" illustrations by julius preite for harper’s bazaar august 07 issue..too cute for words..!

archive power
discover topshop's new archive collection which stocks vintage from the 60's & 70's with a focus on British designers like Biba, Ossie Clark, Mary Quant, Jean Varon..

capsule room
capsule turntable room by jane hamley wells looks so cool and inviting for outdoor dining..

sweden's forsberg form has released the rib kirky, a new concrete comic strip in the form of wall tiles..

eco-chic wall sculpture
check out beearo's eco-chic wall sculptures which instantly change the atmosphere of your room..

jura lodge
seen pic is the music room of jura lodge..a stylish lodge located at west coast of scotland which is available for private rental at certain times of the year..also see the other rooms, kitchen and bathroom..!

Jun 19, 2007


"don't panic ladies and gentlemen we'll have her back to normal in no time"

"how much is that doggy?"

"show me the money"

"so what number are they on?"
explore london based designer/artist barnaby barford's latest collection called "noir"..

Jun 15, 2007

play atari
go retro with blik wall stickers!

Jun 14, 2007

grims grenka

"Scandinavian design doesn’t end with Sweden and Copenhagen, as Oslo’s new Grims Grenka illustrates. But the Grims Grenka hotel provides something more: the cosmopolitan experience of London and New York, in the far northern attitudes of Norway. In the middle of town, minutes from Akershus Castle, Karl Johans gate and Akers Brygge, the Grims Grenka hotel itself is a lifestyle experiment mixing modernist design with a groundbreaking nightclub, international fusion cooking and a rooftop lounge." grims grenka will be opening its doors on 1.8.7