Jun 19, 2007


"don't panic ladies and gentlemen we'll have her back to normal in no time"

"how much is that doggy?"

"show me the money"

"so what number are they on?"

explore london based designer/artist barnaby barford's latest collection called "noir"..

Jun 15, 2007

play atari

go retro with blik wall stickers!

Jun 14, 2007

grims grenka

"Scandinavian design doesn’t end with Sweden and Copenhagen, as Oslo’s new Grims Grenka illustrates. But the Grims Grenka hotel provides something more: the cosmopolitan experience of London and New York, in the far northern attitudes of Norway. In the middle of town, minutes from Akershus Castle, Karl Johans gate and Akers Brygge, the Grims Grenka hotel itself is a lifestyle experiment mixing modernist design with a groundbreaking nightclub, international fusion cooking and a rooftop lounge." grims grenka will be opening its doors on 1.8.7

purple reign

perfume by prince!.."3121" which reflects prince's personality&style through its design will be launched on 7.7.7 with a 24 hour online charity event and a surprise performance by prince in minneapolis..

Jun 9, 2007

nostalgic CD player

nostalgic CD player is a result of 2 day workshop..the aim is to analyse a product in its history and function and redesign it..

return of slogan

fashion & celebrity slogans based house-of-holland-t-shirts are %100 hot!

ace of base

recently opened in portland, style meets bohem meets rock in ace hotel..

Jun 5, 2007

see u soon swinging london...