Feb 27, 2009

happy clouds

few days ago British artist Stuart Semple released 2057 pink smiley faced clouds in London..he wanted to cheer up the people..they were made of helium, biodegradable soap and vegetable dye..after 30 minutes they dissolved in the air..excellent idea and execution!

Feb 26, 2009

celebrate summer with kate

Kate Moss will launch Kate Moss Summer time, a new limited edition fragrance for women, this coming April..Summer time features notes of neroli, bitter orange, blackberry, galbanum, rose, peony, wisteria, bellflower, mahogany, tonka bean and musk..Perfume of the summer will be available in 15 and 30 ml Eau de Toilette..

glass bubbles table

artist and interior decorator Liana Yaroslavsky created a series of coffee tables that incorporate murano glass bubbles..each table is one-of-a-kind..inside the showcase structure, more than hundred balls of blown glass float above a parquet floor..

eye clock

the Eye Clock by Mike Mak Design is probably not so easy to read, but quite funny..

Feb 24, 2009

miller x balmain

Last Sunday Sienna Miller and her sister's fashion label Twenty8Twelve was on the catwalk for the first time in London Fashion Week (1st and 3rd pix)..But unfortunately the collection looked very similar to Balmain's A/W 08-09 collection (2nd and 4th pix)..in terms of shoulders and colors..

projections of the day

see Jenny Holzer's projections from all around the world on his website..

meet bantie

Those lovely Russian dolls belongs to Swedish Bantie..Bantie’s collection consists of sevenpatterns..In total there are 18 different colour combinations..They make cushions, floor cushions, table cloths, table mats, bags, cosmetic bags, wash bags and trays and Russian dolls..
Following is from Bantie: "Why is it, we’ve often wondered, that what’s ‘trendy’ isn’t always very personal? Why shouldn’t a genuine aesthetic not also be a little bit of fun? And why shouldn’t the contemporary cast a fond glance back towards the past? We started Bantie in 2007 as an answer to our own questions. To make what we believe in and what we like.."

tilda x sandra

Tilda Swinton is quite different compared to any average exchangeable American actress..in this picture she’s wearing an amazing 3D knitting dress by Sandra Backlund..

pretty woman is back

Julia Roberts is looking gorgeous both in the cover and inside of the latest issue of Allure Magazine ..

celebrating the cross

Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff of Humans Since 1982 had created this furniture called "Celebrating the Cross"..Celebrating the Cross uses a cross structure as the base, but the textile aspect of the backrest and seat is even more interesting..The mesh is woven with string that adds a lot of visual interest to the piece, warming up an otherwise stark lounge.. There is also storage space for books by the head of the chaise..

hotel tailored by levi's

25hours Hotel Frankfurt is one of the latest design hotels of Frankfurt..The hotel which is tailored by Levi's thus looks like a long worn blue jeans displays a mixture of American popular culture and the liveliness of Frankfurt..The hotel rooms are available in the sizes M, L and XL and come in different designs and shades of blue..The furniture, lamps, carpeting, wallpaper and fabrics used on each floor were carefully selected to evoke a different decade of the 20th century..The atmosphere ranges from classic, crisp and clean to a casual cool stonewashed look..

Feb 23, 2009

red carpet winners

Mickey Rourke may have lost the Oscar to Sean Penn but he was the king of the carpet..while the gentlemen all looked like Tom Ford, he was fab in his Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble..around his neck he wore a pendant with a photo of his beloved dog Loky that passed away a few days ago..
and Natalie Portman..while all ladies (e.g Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston..) chose to wear creamy colors- trend of the moment, she looks pretty in a pinky Rodarte dress, Stella McCartney shoes, Kwiat jewelry and vintage Rialto clutch..

Feb 22, 2009

old stuff

Gilles Eichenbaum transforms old pans, skimmers, strainers and others into decorative objects..advise you to visit his website..

hotel saint cecilia

located in the heart of Austin, the Hotel Saint Cecilia resides on the estate of a historic 1880 Victorian and features a seamless combination of antiques, pop modern furniture and original artwork..the hotel takes its inspiration from experimentation of 60's writers like William Burroughs, the daring and extravagance of groups like the Stones in the early 70's and the defiance of convention embodied by artists like Miro and Warhol in the late 50's and early 60's...accordingly, the 14-room hotel features little odes to the art forms throughout: from killer soundsystems in the rooms — equipped with both turntables and iPod docks — to a library chock full of films and books on poetry, poets and musicians and an extensive collection of vinyls available for guests to check out and bring to their rooms..check out the hotel's website which has an old school cinematic vibe and it just swallows you up into the hotel's whole vintage-chic ambiance..simply love it..

Feb 21, 2009

construction eating kit

this dinner set for kids comes with a bulldozer pusher, fork lift fork, and front loader spoon..designed with function and play value in mind, these construction "tools" have textured, easy grip handles and detailing that allows little hands to hold on tight..each is rugged, light weight, and dishwasher safe..

Feb 20, 2009

claydies and gentleman

Danish design studio Claydies have created Claydies and Gentlemen, a collection of hand-modelled stoneware bowls based on hairstyles..supercool!


the first branch of the sustainable restaurant chain WakuWaku has just opened in Hamburg..designed by Ippolito Fleitz group..follow them:
"WakuWaku’s philosophy revolves around a consistently implemented concept of sustainability and good value, healthy food, which is prepared extremely quickly. The key theme of sustainability is realised in an undogmatic, creative and unconventional way. The sustainability concept pervades the entire technical restaurant equipment – from energy-efficient kitchen technology, to the team uniform made from FAIRTRADE-certified materials, to economical hand dryers in the toilets..Ippolito Fleitz studio’s task was to translate the principle of sustainability into an overriding architectural concept.."

chanel rider

CHANEL has announced the creation of the above urban personal transporter..the rich-rider drives it by leaning in the direction he or she wants to go at speeds of nearly 20kph..with a range of 20km and an adaptation of the famous CHANEL 2.55, shopping couldn't be more glamorous..


Boom is a restaurant concept imagined by FRST Studio..


"confusion" is a carpet installation by Bulgarian designer Pravdoliub Ivanov..

Feb 19, 2009

kitchen utensils

those kitchen utensils named Áhöld designed by Icelandic designer Sóley Þórisdóttir..made by offset-feeding aluminum into the 85-year-old ornate steel tools of the historic Erna Silver Workshop in Reykjavik..

prada's way

Prada's Spring/Summer 2009 look book has nice artwork by Jeroen Koolhaas and Lok Jansen..