Aug 19, 2007

button plates
designed by dutch designer & eindhoven graduate kiki van eijk..inspired by a box of buttons she found belonging to her grandma..shown as part of the installation she did with her partner & designer Joos van Vleiswijk in Milan this year..will be produced by dutch company haans by the end of this year..

Aug 6, 2007


remember a time before digital cameras when the only instant gratification photography was the flapping of polaroid pictures..if anyone miss those days here is plusharoid..a giant SX-70 style polaroid camera chair..

hats & poems
paris hosts one more trés-chic hotel which is hotel particulier montmartre..the aristocratic-mansion-restored hotel has 5 suit rooms and they are all designed by renowned artists, photographers, poets, designers..seen pic is the "hats and poets" room which is created by olivier saillard - a 40 years old poet and artist who is in charge of the exhibitions at the fashion museum of paris..he hangs on every object and furniture a poem in a small envelope..just like the price tags you find in the shop..which means that the objects do not have any monetary value but do have an artistic value that can not be bought..check out the other rooms..