Apr 30, 2007

mattijs van bergen

check out Mattijs van Bergen, a Dutch Saint Martins graduate who interned with his idols, Victor & Rolf..
"The inspiration for this collection and its pleating came from the textures and decorations on cakes and icecream," he says. "I started studying fashion by discovering Viktor & Rolf. I was raised in a very creative environment - both my parents work in art - so I've always leaned towards working in a creative field. After leaving secondary school, I either wanted to become an actor or a designer. But at that very time I saw more and more of Viktor & Rolf's work and realised how wide the field of imagination in fashion truly is. I did an interview at the ArtEZ Institue of the Arts in Arnhem, where they both went, and studied there before coming to Saint Martins."
next season - more cakes? "At the moment, my muse is the West Wing's Mary Louise Parker. She is so quirky-beautiful and a wonderful actress."
via vogue.co.uk


"If the cinema industry has taught us a lesson since its appearance is that relationships don't always last and one is inevitably bound to get a broken heart. Yet the vast majority of jewelery that celebrates the concept of love never reveales the fragility of romantic relationships. The Heartbreak consists of a fragile porcelen heart and light yet strong titanium hammer, booth are connected and made unsperable by a titanium chaine. When broken the heart will show cracks, yet it wil never fall appart as there is a layer of rubber on the inside that will keep the heart together. Indeed as one will usually recover from a broken heart, the small cracks will inevitably add up and form who we are."

helsinki hotel

Designers from the University of Art and ­Design Helsinki (UIAH)..their perception of a hotel at the Milan Design Week..Helsinki Hotel will re-open on the 4th of May at the Design Museum in ­Helsinki, being on view ­until May 27..

Apr 25, 2007

big ben

marcel wanders in the mix..his latest collections are great..!

Apr 13, 2007

jaime hayon for BD

Funky designer Jaime Hayon has designed chairs for Spanish furniture brand BD Ediciones de Diseno..“They go from a very simple, basic design with two leg styles to very sophisticated,” as Hayon tells.. “Very comfortable, fun, cool and playful with materials.”

Apr 11, 2007

maarten baas in milan

dutch talent maarten baas will present his new collection called sculpt in milan next week..

Apr 10, 2007

pantone phones

celebrate spring with pantone cell phones!

cassette wallet

hand made retro wallets made from cassette tapes..designed by italian designer marcella foschi..yepp 100% cool!

waiting chairs.....

check out dutch design house demakersvan for more cool stuff..

Apr 5, 2007

tea time

tea gets more smart & stylish with emeyu..

tea house

one more tea house called teasmith goes to londooon..

fantastic pencil creatures

by www.jennifermaestre.com

2 coolest hotels of patagonia

www.indigopatagonia.com (1st one..has been recently opened)
www.remota.cl (2nd one..i know i will be there one day..)

Toscana updates B&B Italia ad after 35 years!

Legendary photographer Oliviero Toscani has updated the controversial advertisement he shot 35 years ago for Le Bambole, the sofa collection originally designed by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia in 1972..

when balenciaga met lego

from fall winter o7..