Mar 9, 2007

oliver goldsmith
oliver goldsmith was the first to see eyeglasses as fashion granddaughter of him lets the legend go..those are vintage press of oliver goldsmith..check out the website for "swinging 60's eyewear" which were worn by grace kelly, audrey hepburn, peter sellers, ursula andress, john lennon....

motorised hats

surely by hussein chalayan..bravo bravo bravo!

Mar 8, 2007

sarah grove
fantastic porcelains look like textured fabrics by uk talent sarah grove..

ring of the day!
coffee&cigarette ring brings together two of life's pleasures..

more plates by maxim velcovsky

plus a short interview i've just made with him..

When did you decide to become a designer?
Well, I am still not sure who I am! Design is kind of way of thinking, like writing or singing. Final decision came right after I finished Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. I became free-lanced, and than I met with Jakub, who established Qubus studio at that time. Since that time people call me designer:)

Where, or from what, do you get inspiration for your work?
Life is the biggest inspiration!

What is your favorite part of the design process and why?
My favourite part of process of designing something is the process itself, because when You are done and object is born, there is no way back.

What item (PC, Mac, pen, etc) can you not do without when you are designing?
I am designing with pen, than my colleagues make the 3D visuals on the computer.
It is best way for me, because drawing brings the ideas faster. And it is more adventures in terms of imagination

Are there any things or categories of things that you won't design? Why?
I would never design ashtray or gun. I don´t like smoking cigarettes and killing.

How would you categorize your work?
My designs are objects with a cause.

Who would you like to design something for?
I´d like to design something for Greenpeace, for U2, for Kundera, for students, for Maharadjas, for Pope, Madonna, Harvey Keitel ...... there is so many people I would love to design something for.....

Your favorite designers?
All hobby masters who spent their free time by creating new objects in new contexts.

What's next?
We work with Qubus on interiors, new porcelain collection,now we design shop windows, and lots of other virtual projects..

women power

celebrate international women's day!

bubble wrap chocolate
chocolate addicts check out de lessio's bubble wrap chocolate..don't have any idea about its taste but it's 100 % visually cool..

bloomframe designed by Amsterdam based Hofman Dujardin Architecten functions as both window and balcony..

comic abstraction
MoMA has a new exhibition on Comic Abstraction (march 4- june 11), and those speech bubbles have been making me smile all morning..playfully floating in the air, they are created by philippe parreno who says "a good image is always a social moment"..

designboom mart istanbul 07
for the first time, the designboom mart will be in turkey, as part of the cultural program of the istanbul design week..

tim flach
animals&people seen through tim flach's photography..

tom claassen
lazy, sitting, amazing animal sculptures by tom claassen..

Mar 2, 2007

chandelier earrings..i definitely love the concept..

pnut jewelry
polaroid and casette tape necklaces..check it out for more cute stuff..

Mar 1, 2007

cool pins
prickie is an online shop for button badges designed by wide range of talented artists..