Jan 29, 2007

a dutch talent

with his "smoke" (which he burnt furnitures then redesigned) and "clay" furniture collections, young dutch talent maarten baas seems to be a design duo in the future..here is a short interview that i made with him..

When did you decide to become a designer?
when I was around 15 I saw a sketch for a chair at my friends place. I thought: that's a nice job to do!
Where, or from what, do you get inspiration for your work?
music, video's, nature
What is your favorite part of the design process and why?
to do the stupid jobs, like sanding, or polishing. It can't go wrong, so you don't need to think at all. i like that the most.
What item (PC, pen, etc) can you not do without when you are designing?
I can design without anything. I once gave myself the assignment to improvise a design assignment while I was in the mountains without anything but a tent, some food and a camera. while I was there I made things from the objects I found and made pictures of it. It became quite a nice series of improvised products.
Are there any things or categories of things that you won't design? Why?
I have to have the feeling that it makes sense what I'm doing. if i make a chair i want to make a chair of which I think it's better/nicer/more beautiful or whatever than if that chair wouldn't have been there. Many products are "just another product". I couldn't make such products. If someone would ask me to design a vase, and I couldn't think of a vase which really makes sense, I wouldn't just make another vase. In that case I prefer making nothing: that saves a lot of time.
How would you categorize your work?
I don't like to categorize anything. One of the things which my works (should) do, is to erase any category and to invite people to look at it without forced borders of categories. Just see it as something you like or not. As something new, but don't try to categorize. (not only my work, but not anything.)
Your favorite designers?
Jurgen Bey, Bertjan Pot, Marti Guixé

foot mood

uk based designer charlotte tangye found another artful&funky way to store shoes..

customize your couch

"when heart meets skills, something beautiful appears" says frederik van heereveld who designed this playful&contemporary couch called "q couch"..

chair of the day

its name is sexy relaxy and 100% made me smile!

bowl of the day

powered by dutch designer anne-marie jetten..i couldnt find her website :( but you can reach through above site..

sticker power

cool stickers by dutch design duo studio job for french company domestic..

signature vases

signed by Amsterdam based hip design studio tjep.

Jan 28, 2007

hotel for your shoes

denmark based industrial design studio "pure nomade" find artful way to store shoes, accessories, mags..etc with this cute "hotel boxes" made by quality paper ware..

couple of the day

"im a citizen of world of women, they love me and i love them back" said alber elbaz, one of my favourite fashion guru here seen with linda..

haute hat

according to fashionistas, be ready to meet regularly with this haute couture cap designed by givenchy for s/s season..

dutch patterned toast?

highly suggest you to discover "tablemanners collection" of rotterdam based design studio "minale maeda" formed by mario minale and kuniko maeda..

shoe of the day

Gori de Palma made her models to eat fancy shoes on the catwalk of the Pasarela Barcelona last week..

art of connectivity

with this funky, modern USB&Firewire combination (4 USB + 2 firewire ports) hub for your PC or Mac, you can connect up to 6 devices simultenously..designed by one of my favourite designer ora-ito exclusively for lacie..



Jan 27, 2007

the clinic

singapore based nightclub&restaurant "the clinic" makes its distinction among so many dining and nightlife concepts appearing in our planet's stylish cities..from wheelchair dining through to hospital drip beverages, you can spend both cool&weird time in that "hospital" themed place..designed by amsterdam based architecture firm "concrete"..

Jan 26, 2007

walking tables

Alessandro Loschiavo's "walking family tables"..totally made me smile!

forever genevieve..

i heart genevieve gauckler..

hotel of the day


tagliatelle style

one of my favourite shoe stores designed by fabio novembre for stuart weitzman in rome..

luggage anyone?

Trussardi parade at Milan Fashion Week..such a fantastic concept using a luggage conveyor belt to showcase their fall-winter 07/08 collection..


"konstam at the prince albert" designed by heatherwick studio..london owns one more stylish restaurant..

Jan 25, 2007

butterfly effect

a book on a shelve..is picked up..and the adventure begins..
"fairy-tale" bookshelve belongs to Iceland based design studio "studiobility"..

Fredrikson Stallard

London designers Patrick Fredrikson and Ian Stallard's works should definitely be viewed..

surreal ceramics

"biscuit collection" based on allegory with fairy tale and fantasy figures, designed by studio job for royal tichelaar makkum..cool for a tea party!

chairs of the day

ny based young talent Thomas Keeley creates strange, scary but 100 % cool things..


"don't worry darling, you look fabulous"
"i ain't no one's bitch"
it's bullshit, he's lying"
"i wish i were hugh hefner"
"shit!now i'm going to be really late"
ultra fantastic&cool


courtney skott is one of my favourite designer..here is a short interview i made with her..
When did you decide to become a designer?
I grew up loving art and creative endeavors, but thinking I wanted tobe an engineer because I loved math and science. But I didn't likeengineering, so after my first year of university I switched to writing and got a degree in Jourmalism. After college, I worked forseveral years in the Internet industry and co-founded a softwarecompany before deciding that I wanted to do something more creativeprofessionally. I returned to school at 28 to study fashion design, but after a year I decided that furniture was more interesting, and Iwas better at it. So, I basically fell into it after eliminatingeverything else.
Where, or from what, do you get inspiration for your work?
Inspiration comes from all over and I try to keep my eyes open. But Ido love to look at historical designs and see how they might be re-interpreted for today; I'm not so into simply re-creating them. I'm also really interested in textiles and textile techniques from aroundthe world, and patterns from all kinds of sources. I love looking atforms and ideas from industry and technology, to see how they mightbe turned into something elegant and contemporary. For example, my "Corrugated Bench" is inspired by corrugated structures likecardboard and honeycomb panels.
What is your favorite part of the design process and why?
I love the part after you already know what you are making, when you are figuring out how to carry your core concept into every littledetail of the design. It's like a puzzle to me - deciding how all thelittle pieces should fit together to form a cohesive, complete wholethat strikes the viewer, whether or not they know the wholeconceptual background.
What item (PC, pen, etc) can you not do without when you are designing?
My running shoes. I do my best thinking and problem solving while running.
Are there any things or categories of things that you won't design? Why?
I can't think of any right now. Weapons, probably. I don't think Icould make a case for doing that.
How would you categorize your work?
Contemporary, but not minimalist.
Who would you like to design something for?
Jongerius Lab. Maybe Moooi.
Your favorite designers?
Hella Jongerius, hands down. I love how she makes history contemporary.
What's next?
I'm exploring several ideas right now. So far all I have made is a bunch of prototypes and art pieces. I would love to put somethinginto production and learn about manufacturing. But I'm also resistantto making more Stuff at a time when we need to be thinking morecarefully about our resources. I've been thinking about rescuing discarded sofas and chairs from around the city, and re-upholsteringthem in really unusual ways - sort of found object/ one-of-a-kind functional art.

devil rings prada

could be more stylish..? yepp :)

handbags of the day

check the jewelries out also..


definitely weird&cool