Apr 26, 2009


Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have designed Cipria, a fake fur-covered sofa, for Italian brand Edra..

Apr 22, 2009

i will buy flowers myself

Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc presents an exhibition of her work inside a giant doll’s house at Superstudio in Zona Tortona this week..Called I Will Buy Flowers Myself, the exhibition includes furniture, lighting, children’s toys and an electric hot plate..

lunch time

meet stylish lunch bags by Built..

cloud shelf

cute cloud shelf for kids!

Apr 20, 2009


Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani has designed Airtable fan..When placed in a horizontal position, the fan stops working and can be used as a low table..Airtable is produced by the Italian company Campeggi and will be presented during the Milan Design Week..

tom dixon for george smith

British designer Tom Dixon has created a new seating collection to be produced by George Smith at its factory in Newcastle, England..The collection consists of five ranges, seen above are three examples..The full collection will be on display at the 2009 Salone del Mobile furniture show in Milan..

Apr 19, 2009

cardboard carpet

check out Wendy Plomp's cardboard carpets..

old school iPhone

80s iPhone by designer Mark Miller..

wine glass light

The Glassbulb Light by OOOMS is a lamp shaped like a wineglass..This atmospheric lamp is the perfect lighting for those long romantic evenings accompanied by a nice Bordeaux..The LED’s inside will shine for over 30.000 hours, so that’s around 10 years of romance at night..

the mug says it all..sometimes you just have to use the f* word..


Inspired by fashion, design and the great tradition of french luxury, Ventury Paris has created a collection called Divine offering exclusive, super rare limited edition design chairs..

Apr 17, 2009

story hotel

Stockholm's newest stopover spot, the Story Hotel, is a brand new inter-city refuge that makes this act just that bit harder again..With design from the Swedish supremos at Koncept, Story is an amalgamation of heritage sophistication and contemporary innovation..Adapting original features from the period building, Koncept have maintained Story’s historical integrity, whilst expertly mingling bespoke design pieces throughout..

home jewelry

Katrina Nuutinen, a student at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, designed the glass lamp called Hely for home's jewelry..

Apr 15, 2009

paper trees

Ferry Staverman is a dutch artist creates paper sculptures, which use repeated forms to create pseudo three-dimensional shapes that is further enhanced with string..the pieces are made from a recycled cardboard material and range in size, from small table top works to 5m tall ‘trees’..

fine china jewelry

Designed by German artist Gesine Hackenberg, this jewelry collection created from repurposed fine china..

Apr 14, 2009

swell vases

German designer Anika Engelbrecht combines simple ceramic vessels with colourful balloons to create the Swell Vases...The series is comprised of five different vase forms each perforated and designed with lots of negative space..By adding a series of colourful rubber balloons, each vase is able to hold water and flowers..The weight of the water fills the balloons and forces them out of the perforations in the vases..The result is white vases bulging with red, green and blue..The balloons can be rotated between the vases to create hundreds of different combinations..

prickly pair chairs

mexican born london based designer valentina glez wohlers created prickly pair chairs..the chairs juxtapose mexican and european aesthetics, incorporating the formal design elements and quirks of both to create a cultural blend..prickly pair chairs will be presented at this year's designersblock exhibition during milan design week 09.

new york delft

Traditional Dutch Delft dinnerware is updated to suit a New Yorker's aesthetics..Instead of the classic blue designs and imagery, New York Delft highlights taxicabs, graffiti and garbage trucks, bringing a striking modernity to the traditional form..Designed by Lovegrove&Repucci..

cabinet of the day

incredible cabinet design from Antoine+Manuel for BD Barcelona..

meet moustache

New French brand Moustache will present furniture and lighting by designers including Inga Sempé, Big-Game and Matali Crasset in Milan later this month..Moustache is run by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio, who also own vinyl wall-covering brand Domestic..

haunted by 36 woman

An exhibition of work by Dutch jewellery designer Ted Noten has opened at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam..Called Haunted by 36 Women, the show includes assemblages and rapid-prototyped pieces based on “architectypical perceptions of the woman”..