Oct 31, 2007

retro car handbags

vintage US car-inspired handbags really caught my eye..revamp productions has lots of items that walk a fine line between glamour and kitsch..

le bellechasse

check out recently opened "parisian" hotel "le bellechasse" which is designed by legendary fashion designer christian lacroix..

helen amy murray

Helen Amy Maurray is talented designer from UK..internationally recognised for hand-crafted, sculptural creations inspired by nature and form, to create 3D surfaces within textiles..she works with precious materials such as leather, suede, silk and other luxury fabrics..

daily commuters

"Daily Commuters" is a necklace by Super Mandolini..the beads are black and silver glass and the commuters are etched acrylic..

surreal your home

"surrealien" is a wallpaper company that lets you warp the pattern of the paper over existing objects on the wall..

halloween clothes peg

when the Art.Lebedev Studio was faced with a Halloween problem, there was only one way to fly out of it..the mission: Do something before October 31st..the solution: the Vespertilium clothes peg, to remind your neighbours that your laundry is Hallowe’en-ready..