Dec 11, 2008

mama shelter
Once a multistorey car park in Paris, the fabulously designed Mama Shelter hotel shows how cities can recycle their old buildings..The hotel is designed by Phlippe Starck..Pay attention to superhero-mask reading lamps!

Nov 20, 2008

pool table
UK based firm Freshwest is putting a fresh, humorous spin on the concept of what a pool table should be..What they have developed is actually a coffee table constructed out of 50mm acrylic that reflects and refracts light in such a way that it resembled the depth and hue of an actual swimming pool..It even features a miniature diving board on one end to complete the effect..

haute music
If you would like to listen music from fashionable radio then check out "Roberts Revival Radio" designed by famous British fashion designer Christopher Kane to celebrate 75 years of Comet..

smart by hermes
French fashion house Hermès have teamed up with car distributor Como to design the interior of ten Smart cars..The ten cars have been produced in ten colours, upholstered using materials and techniques usually found in Hermès’ travel accessories..

Sep 12, 2008

cool kids
Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov has designed babester collection for Quinny..just like mum and dad, babesters can now enjoy design from head-to-toe..

Apr 4, 2008

Restaurant Home Made opened its doors in March 2008 and is located near the main street of the “Fuori Salone del Mobile” in Milan, Italy..Owner Monica Bangari, together with architects Riccardo Salvi and Luca Rossire, envisioned a real home..

Feb 2, 2008

artistic industry
The Robber Baron series by Studio Job is an important suite of five cast-bronze furnishings, consisting of a Cabinet, Mantel Clock, Table, Standing Lamp, and Jewel Safe..Following is from Studio Job:
Magnificent in scale, [...] the series reflects the outrageous excesses of America’s 19th century tycoons and Russia’s new oligarchs. These surreal, highly-expressive furnishings, each a complex composition of multiple visual elements depicting a narrative - much like a cathedral’s stained glass windows or its majestic bronze front doors - represent an interior belonging to a powerful industrial leader or his heirs. With clouds of pollution belching from towering smoke stacks, and missiles, falcons, gas masks, warplanes, and wrenches adorning golden surfaces, Robber Baron celebrates and shames both art and industry.

Jan 3, 2008

la terraza
The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino (Madrid, Spain) celebrates its spectacular new look by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon..