Apr 30, 2007

mattijs van bergen

check out Mattijs van Bergen, a Dutch Saint Martins graduate who interned with his idols, Victor & Rolf..
"The inspiration for this collection and its pleating came from the textures and decorations on cakes and icecream," he says. "I started studying fashion by discovering Viktor & Rolf. I was raised in a very creative environment - both my parents work in art - so I've always leaned towards working in a creative field. After leaving secondary school, I either wanted to become an actor or a designer. But at that very time I saw more and more of Viktor & Rolf's work and realised how wide the field of imagination in fashion truly is. I did an interview at the ArtEZ Institue of the Arts in Arnhem, where they both went, and studied there before coming to Saint Martins."
next season - more cakes? "At the moment, my muse is the West Wing's Mary Louise Parker. She is so quirky-beautiful and a wonderful actress."
via vogue.co.uk

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