Apr 8, 2009

daniel loves objects

The designer behind Daniel loves objects is an industrial designer who is currently residing in Singapore. He enjoys conceptualization for feasible concepts that fuses a poetic touch in it. He gets inspired by the things around him, the current products that sit around the environment to the animals and plants that roam around in the wild, even to the extreme of the political uproars that are happening globally. On his approached towards ideation of a concept, he tries to inject some form of interactive factor into it so that the user will have a form of remembrance when he relates with the product, a kind of reminiscence that will perhaps strike up some joy and relationship when a connection is made. He is always ready to be inspired from and aspired for the many objects that sit around us, knowing that design could always transform a certain mundane individual, allowing it to exude a form of language that will speak to the surrounding environment, expressing a form of finesse between human, object and technology.

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