Feb 22, 2009

hotel saint cecilia

located in the heart of Austin, the Hotel Saint Cecilia resides on the estate of a historic 1880 Victorian and features a seamless combination of antiques, pop modern furniture and original artwork..the hotel takes its inspiration from experimentation of 60's writers like William Burroughs, the daring and extravagance of groups like the Stones in the early 70's and the defiance of convention embodied by artists like Miro and Warhol in the late 50's and early 60's...accordingly, the 14-room hotel features little odes to the art forms throughout: from killer soundsystems in the rooms — equipped with both turntables and iPod docks — to a library chock full of films and books on poetry, poets and musicians and an extensive collection of vinyls available for guests to check out and bring to their rooms..check out the hotel's website which has an old school cinematic vibe and it just swallows you up into the hotel's whole vintage-chic ambiance..simply love it..

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Kmpfurniture said...

Hotel's bedroom looks great, I like it more because of the woor floor.
Wood floor goes perfect with Modern Furniture